AT&T Internet Direct DSL

AT&T High Speed DSL Internet
without Phone Line

For those that want Internet service only from AT&T, DSL Direct is an option. There are four plans available:

  • DSL Direct Elite
  • DSL Direct Pro
  • DSL Direct Express
  • DSL Direct Basic

The price ranges from $36 to $54 per month unless a promotional offer is active when discounted prices are offered for a certain period of service. Plans are with no term commitment (no contract), which is always a subject to change.

All plans come with AT&T Wi-Fi basic included. Elite and Pro include McAfee Internet Security Suite, while Express and Basic get that for $5 per month. In any case, the security suite is good for up to 10 PCs. All plans get 11 email accounts, online photo and video storage, web based email, and dial up account (in case the phone line is your only choice when you're out of your home). Modem and wireless gateway come at the price (not included).

At times of AT&T's choice, some plans may offer incentives like AT&T reward card or monthly discount for a certain number of months (subject to change at any time).


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Take a look into AT&T DSL Direct offer comparison table:

AT&T DSL Direct – Current Offers


DSL Direct Basic

up to
768 Kbps
max Downstream

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DSL Direct Express

up to
1.5 Mbps
max Downstream

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DSL Direct Pro

up to
3 Mbps
max Downstream

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DSL Direct Elite

up to
6 Mbps
max Downstream

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Additional offers may be available in the future.


If you're looking for something different than DSL Direct , try this (requires AT&T phone line):

* Discounted prices are valid for 6 months after which standard rates apply. No term is required. Modem/gateway required. Offer expires 03/29/14.