AT&T U-verse On Demand

U-verse On Demand TV Programming

Forgetting to set the DVR to record a favorite show to watch later can be a real bummer. AT&T U-verse customers, however, will find they have an easy way to get a second chance to catch those missed programs. Courtesy of U-verse’s robust on demand offerings, many shows that might be missed can be watched whenever subscribers want at the click of a few buttons.

U-verse delivers on demand programming that ranges from free television shows to paid movie rentals and pay per view special events, such as the latest and greatest UFC fight or boxing match. Users will find thousands of movies, sports programs and other shows available to watch whenever they are ready.

To help users better navigate the thousands of offerings, U-verse has packaged all of its on demand offerings under one neat menu with an easy-to-use interface. From the scrollbar on the television screen, viewers can choose:

  • Their own videos – This option enables viewers to create their own libraries of shows and movies they watch or would like to. To add to it, all they have to do is click on the “Add to My Queue” icon.
  • Recommendations – U-verse pays attention to movie and television viewing habits and offers recommendations on new options to watch.
  • Featured – This take takes users to the programming that’s hot on U-verse, including new releases, special collections and specials.
  • U-verse movies – This is a collection of all the movies available for free on U-verse.
  • U-verse Screen Pack – A collection of more movies; some free, some available for purchase or rental. Screen Pack is an additional service that comes with a small monthly charge.
  • Free Shows – This tab takes viewers to the free television programs offered on demand.
  • Premium – This allows access to paid channel on demand options, such as those offered by HBO and Showtime.
  • Subscription – This is an on demand option for subscription channels, such as Disney channel on Demand, Kids Unlimited, The Karaoke Channel and others.
  • Events – This on demand channel offers replays of major events, such as televised sporting events and concerts. It is also the source for pay per view programming options.

Just because the DVR wasn’t set doesn’t mean U-verse customers are out of luck in catching their favorite shows. Courtesy of the service’s robust on demand offerings, subscribers will discover many of the movies and shows they want to see are waiting for them when they are ready.



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