U-verse AT&T High-Speed Internet Comparison

Compare U-verse AT&T High Speed Internet Plans

Below is a comparison table listing features for each U-verse AT&T Internet plan. This U-verse AT&T Internet comparison table can help you determine which AT&T High Speed Internet package is right for you depending on your Internet usage and needs. There are five AT&T High Speed Internet U-verse plans to choose from, each offering varying features and speeds. Whether you engage in light Internet usage consisting mainly of emailing and downloading music, or if you are an avid gamer who uses the Internet for online gaming, you will find an AT&T Internet plan to suit your needs. Compare AT&T High Speed Internet plans below and decide which plan is right for you.

AT&T U-verse High-speed Internet Plans: Side-by-side comparison

Ideal for: Pro Elite Max Max Plus Max Turbo Power
Downstream Speed Up to 3 Mbps Up to 6 Mbps Up to 12 Mbps Up to 18 Mbps Up to 24 Mbps Up to 45 Mbps
Emailing X X X X X X
Downloading Music X X X X X X
Sharing Photos X X X X X X
Internet gaming   X X X X X
Online Conferencing   X X X X X
Watching TV/Video Clips     X X X X
Emailing/Uploading Files     X X X X
Downloading Movies       X X X
Streaming Video       X X X
Video Conferencing         X X
Price per month: from $46 from $51 from $56 from $61 from $71 from $81

The bottom line is to know which AT&T U-verse High-speed Internet Plan would fit best with your needs.


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For a complete information about AT&T U-verse and what's included in the whole package, visit AT&T U-verse page.